Bug-Out Bags

What is a Bug-out Bag?

A Bug-out Bag is a portable bag containing specific items needed to survive 72 hours in an evacuation situation in a disaster. The main focus of a Bug-out bag is on evacuation rater than prolonged survival. This distinguishes the Bug-out bag from a survival kit, an aviation or boating emergency kit and a fixed site disaster supplies kit. We will be covering these kits some time in the future.

What is a Bug-out Bag for?

The primary focus of the Bug-out bag is to allow a person/s to evacuate quickly. The Bug-out bag has been packed previously with supplies needed to survive the first 72 ours after disaster strikes. It takes at least 72 hours for disaster relief to get organized. The Bug-out bag may contain different supplies according to region. Bags in hurricane-prone areas will differ slightly to bags in areas where they have tornadoes or wild fires.

Other names for Bug-out Bags are:- "72 Hour Kit", "Grab Bag", a "Battle Box", a Personal Emergency Relocation Kit (PERK), a "Go Bag", or a "GOOD Bag" (Get out of Dodge kit).

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