Edible Plants

Edibles for Survival

Why on earth would you want to eat weeds? What could possibly make you harvest wild plants from your lawn, or nibble on your best Nasturtiums? The answer is food shortage, hunger, and the urge to survive.

You find yourself without food, shelter, and water, what do you do? Well first on your list should always be shelter, then a water source, and then food. But what is edible and what is poisonous? If you are not sure, don't eat it!

First of all there are certain plants you should not eat, period. They are:-

Beans and peas
Plants with umbrella-like flowers
Wild nuts, fruits, and berries.
White and yellow berries
Plants with a 3-leaved growth pattern
Plants with spines, fine hairs, or thorns
Dill, carrot or parsley-like foliage
Plants with a bitter or soapy taste
Almond scent in the woody parts or leaves
Grain heads with pink, purple, or black spurs
Mushrooms or Fungi
Bulbs and Lichen
Plants with shiny leaves or milky sap

There are some exceptions in this list, but you should never eat anything that is unfamiliar to you.

I would suggest you find a comprehensive book covering this subject you can carry with you and practice identifying edible wild plants often. One day you may be glad you did!

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